Support Koach


As the only international program providing alternative outlets for progressive learning, identity exploration and observance for Jewish college students on campuses across North America, KOACH plays an essential role in the nourishment and growth of the vital religious center in the Jewish community. Give KOACH to KOACH!*


  • A place for alumni of USY, Nativ, Schechter Schools and Camp Ramah
  • Student Interns serving their campus communities
  • Campus Enrichment Grants to grow and enrich the voice of Conservative Judaism
  • Educational resources, bringing the best of Conservative Judaism directly to students
  • The Annual KOACH Kallah, providing study, service and camaraderie for more than 150 students from across North America
  • A dynamic web presence, with the tools for building a compelling Jewish life on campus and a forum for student thought and artistic expression
  • A home for every student on their Jewish journey

* In Hebrew, KOACH means strength. Using Hebrew letters as numbers, the value of KOACH is 28.