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Listen to KOACH’s Israel Briefing

On January 29, Benjamin Sack, Public Affairs Officer from the Embassy of Israel, offered an exclusive briefing for KOACH on the current state of affairs in Israel. Click here to listen.

Educational Resources

Jerusalem: Holy City, Holy Story (From KOACH‘s Educational Resources - April 2006)

Language of the Hebrewman – Is Hebrew Still Relevant (From KOACH‘sEducational Resources - January 2005)


A Night Like the Natives - Set up a Bedouin Tent, eat Israel food, smoke hookah and have a discussion about Israel, specifically the Masorti movement.

Bedouin Tent Night - Bedouin Tent Night replicated a Bedouin Tent just like those in Israel. There was free Hookah and Israeli style food, catered from a local Israeli restaurant. We also had Israeli music playing throughout the entire night.


Words of the Zionists

Masorti Judaism

The Masorti movement is a traditional, egalitarian religious movement in Israel, affiliated with the worldwide Masorti/Conservative movement. It comprises more than 50 kehillot and havurot around the country, the Religious Affairs Bureau, a kibbutz, a moshav, the NOAM youth movement, IDF Garinim (Masorti groups in the army), MAROM (an organization for college students and young adults), programs for children with special needs, regional and local educational learning centers. To learn more about Masorti in Israel, and to sign up for email updates, visit their website.

If you are traveling to Israel or are planning to spend an extended period of time there and want to be part of a traditional, egalitarian community, click here for a listing of Masorti kehillot and contacts around the country.

A Masorti Response (Rabbi Tzvi Graetz)


Shaliah to the Conservative Movement

Naomi Freedman is the new Shliha for the Conservative Movement in North America. Naomi splits her time between the MERCAZ USA office and the Israel Aliyah Center. She has three goals for her shlihut: outreach to Conservative Movement synagogues and organizations to provide information about Israel and Masorti Judaism; help for individuals and families who are considering making Aliyah; and involvement with college students and young adults interested in Israel advocacy and educational and volunteer programs in Israel. Naomi works with the United Synagogue’sKOACH Program and the Aliyah Committee and is hoping to bring together graduates of the Movement’s various post-high school level study programs in Israel as the basis for a North American branch of MAROM Olami. Contact Naomi at 212-533-2061 or via e-mail at