High Holiday Resources

Shanah Tovah!! We wish you a sweet and wonderful New Year. KOACH is happy to help make your High Holy Day season meaningful, uplifting — and efficient!!

This page includes a variety of resources which can play a role in your holiday preparation. Links to articles and study materials on our website will help set the tone for the season. Downloads of melodies, if you’re leading or just creating the mood, will lead your ears in the right direction. And printable cards and templates will help you keep order if you are coordinating things on your campus for Yom Kippur. Need more help? Drop a note to koach@uscj.org and we’re on it!



Tishrei 5770

Will the Ducks Really Eat My Sins? by Heidi Lumish, Tufts University
Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, against God’s request, yet they were forgiven. With each New Year, we are reminded by this example that our sins can be pardoned.

High Holidays and Forgiveness by Shira Novack, KOC Editor, Binghamton University
With the process of actively asking forgiveness, we are acknowledging publicly that we have committed a sin.

Tishrei 5766

How to Experience an Emotional Whirlpool by Maya Berezovsky, KOC Editor, University of Minnesota
This year, I will participate in my fourth year of High Holiday services. For 18 years before that…

Balancing Ritual and Righteousness by David Goldberg, York University
The haftarot that we read from the Shabbat following the 17th of Tammuz through Yom Kippur are fascinating. We begin with the Telata de-Puranta…

Remembrance of Things Past by Rabbi Elyse Winick, KOACH Associate Director It’s funny how different ears can hear the same sounds in different ways. The midrash says just that about the sound of the thunder on Mount Sinai…

“Our Father, Hear Our Prayer” by Hillary Blank, American University
When distant rains awash my soul / And gunshots ring out ‘cross the knoll…

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