Educational Materials

Let KOACH enhance your Jewish life calendar with our monthly education packets.

This is just one of the myriad of ways thatKOACH helps augment your on-campus programming. These packets are designed to be adjustable for available time and student background. They can be utilized for lunch and learns, Shabbat learning, round-table conversations, and more. Packets include text sheets (Hebrew, transliteration, and English), background information, session leader materials and other related resources. It is our hope that these materials will encourage conversations about the materials and their relevance to students’ lives.

New packets will be added frequently.

Available Packets

KOACH Shabbat 2010: “It Isn’t Easy Being Green: Building a Jewish Environmental Ethic”

KOACH Shabbat 2009: “Acting Justly: Preserving Human Dignity in Undignified Times”

KOACH Shabbat 2008: “A Seal Upon Your Heart: Love and Romance in the Jewish Tradition”

This study packet, from our 2008 KOACH Shabbat program, offers a Jewish look at relationships.

KOACH Shabbat 2007: “Heksher Tzedek: Kashrut for a new Generation”

Additional Learning Materials

If you have topic suggestions, comments or if we can be of additional help, please contact us at