Campus Internships

2013 – 2014

The KOACH Internship Program is designed to empower student leaders to grow their campus Conservative communities to the next level. In cooperation with the Jewish campus professionals on their campus and in their surrounding communities, KOACH interns develop and implement programs and serve as a resource for Conservative Jewish life on campus. Along with their campus responsibilities, KOACH interns help create an international agenda for campus Conservative Jewry.

Intern candidates must be active members of their campus’ Conservative Jewish life and interested in efficiently and effectively engaging Jewish students in learning, observance, community, prayer, and social justice from a uniquely Conservative perspective.

Intern Expectations

  • A full academic year commitment.
  • Regular campus programming (a minimum of 1-2 events per month).
  • Involvement in Conservative Jewish life on campus and Hillel beyond internship responsibilities.
  • Recruitment of participants in KOACH programs, including the KOACHKallah and the KOACH E-zine.
  • Supporting traditional egalitarian tefilah on Shabbat.
  • Organizing Conservative Jewish text based learning in chevruta, discussion groups, and with a rabbi, if possible.
  • Creating and maintaining a network of students that share common beliefs and values, both locally and nationally.
  • Building relationships with individual students to enrich their Jewish experience and help them to take ownership of their Jewish campus life.
  • Fostering a kehilla on campus that is comfortable and welcoming for all Jews, particularly embracing egalitarian Conservative values.
  • Encouraging USY, Ramah, and Nativ alumni, and all other Jewish individuals, to continue their Conservative Jewish affiliation through college and beyond.
  • Regular contact with KOACH supervisors and fellow interns.
  • Satisfactory completion of evaluation materials.

Campus Expectations

  • A commitment to enrich the Conservative Jewish community on campus through the KOACH Internship Program.
  • Regular access to Hillel professional staff for support, guidance, and feedback.
  • Enabling a minimum of two participants, beyond the intern, to attend the KOACH Kallah.
  • Providing feedback to KOACH.

KOACH/Ramah Campus Leaders

Some of the participants in the 2013-2014 Intern Class will be designated asKOACH/Ramah Campus Leaders.  In addition to the above requirements,KOACH/Ramah Campus Leaders must:

  • Be rising juniors or seniors.
  • Participate in 2 post-camp webinars in leadership development.
  • Participate in 2 training seminars during the camp season.

All KOACH interns will receive grant funding of $1000 to help in the implementation of campus programming, but will themselves be unpaid.

During a mandatory training program in August, students will work individually and collectively with KOACH and USCJ staff to learn the necessary skills for successful outreach, engagement, programming, and community-building, and also outline specific goals for their campus community for the upcoming year. All expenses for this training will be covered by KOACH.

Interns must also attend the KOACH Kallah; registration costs for the Kallah costs will be covered by KOACH, but interns will be responsible for their own travel.

Students applying for an internship must be endorsed by a Hillel (or other Jewish campus professional if there is no Hillel) professional. This recommendation must be submitted in writing, in time for the application deadline.

Application deadline is April 30th, 2013.

*The 2013-2014 KOACH Campus Intern Program is funding dependent. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis in April and May; the status of the Intern Program will be confirmed by the end of May.