Jewish Humor

Posted on June 9, 2013

Once upon a time, the Emperor of Japan was looking for a new Samurai. After weeks of trials and testing, three candidates were left: Yoshi Sakimoto, Japanese, from Kyoto; Ling Ton, Chinese, from Shanghai; and Moishe Goldberg, Jewish, from Tokyo.

The last day of the trials ensues; each has to demonstrate superior swordsmanship.

Yoshi takes a live bird out of his pocket, tosses it in the air, and with a terrifying scream slices it neatly in two before it can fly away.

“Very impressive,” the Emperor said.

Ling Ton is next. He steps up, releases a hornet that immediately begins buzzing and starts to fly off. Pulling out his katana, Ling Ton screams and with a move faster than the eye can follow, slices the insect in three pieces!

“Even more impressive,” the Emperor exclaimed, excitedly.

Now it was Moishe’s turn. He takes out a housefly, releases it. Whipping out his katana, he makes a furious slice at the fly… and it flies off.

“That was a noble attempt,” the Emperor said, “but it appears you missed.”

“Not miss,” Moishe replies. “mohel just remove tip.”

Tamuz 5773

Denominational Judaism