A Basic Jewish Library for Students

For less than $200, it should be possible for you to acquire enough Jewish books and periodicals of value to keep you busy for many months. Your collection should include:

  • At least one good history of the Jews (Roth, Sachar, Grayzel)
  • A few books on contemporary philosophy (Buber, Rosenweig, Heschel, Kaplan)
  • A good siddur
  • A Festival mahzor
  • The text of the Torah in Hebrew and English

For the rest, follow your particular interest. Books are available online, through Jewish Book News, at local bookstores, and through the United Synagogue Book Service. There are also a wide variety of periodicals of Jewish interest, many offering special student rates.

KOACH also recommends:

  • A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice, by Isaac Klein
  • Conservative Judaism: Our Ancestors to Our Descendents, by Elliot Dorff
  • Sacred Fragments, by Neil Gillman

Looking to learn more about losing someone? Prayers for the living and the deceased?

Rabbi Elyse Winick recommends:

Leon Wieseltier
Vintage Books, 2000

Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times
David Wolpe
Riverhead Books, 2000

A Time to Mourn A Time to Comfort
Ron Wolfson
Jewish Lights Publishing, 1996