About Us

Enrich your Jewish campus experience

KOACH helps you connect with your Jewish life on campus

College is a time of exploration and discovery. Campus life will present you with a whirlwind of choices and challenges. Through these experiences, you will begin to discover who you are and what you believe.

KOACH can be an important part of this exciting time. As Conservative Judaism’s College Outreach Program, we help connect you with your heritage, as well as with the Jewish community on your campus and on campuses throughout North America and Israel.

The KOACH Student Steering Committee helps guide the program to best reflect your needs. Working closely with your Hillel or Jewish student organization, we encourage you to explore Judaism and Jewish life, and to use these gifts in creating your Jewish identity.

Our Mission Statement…

KOACH provides college-age students the opportunity to maintain and develop connections to Conservative Judaism.

KOACH nurtures a love of Torah, the Jewish people, Israel and God through a variety of activities, including social, religious, educational, cultural and social action programs. We seek to create a passionate Jew who is committed to the future of the Jewish people and the improvement of the world.

KOACH provides…

Grants The KOACH Enrichment Grants Program, supporting religious, cultural, educational and social programs for Conservative student groups across North America and Israel.
Newsletter Our KOACH-on-Campus Newsletter, written by and for students, with features on Jewish campus life.
Conferences An annual International Kallah (conference), bringing together students from dozens of colleges and universities for a weekend of sharing, study and good times. The 2011 Kallah will be taking place Feb. 24-27, 2011 at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.
Israel Israel programming includes short-term travel and learning, programs for students returning from study abroad in Israel and a connection with the Conservative/Masorti Movement in Israel and the Conservative Yeshiva.
KOACH Taglit-Birthright Israel – an opportunity for first-time travel to Israel during winter break, at no cost to participants, specifically for students with Asperger’s syndrome.
Mailing List A mailing list keeps you up to date on KOACH travel and study opportunities, which in the past have included programs in Germany, Poland, Cuba, Israel and even rehabilitating low-income housing in the United States.
Online Use our extensive email, including a KOACH listserv. To sign up, click here.
Conservative Movement We are a clearinghouse for speakers and materials offered by the Conservative Movement.
Center on Campus Programs are offered for students spending a year or semester in Israel, through our Center on Campus Program based at the Shirley and Jacob Fuchsberg Center for Conservative Judaism in Jerusalem.